How Do I Perform a Clean Installation of Windows

There are times that clean installation of Windows is required in order for the entire computer system to work thoroughly.

If such occurs, there is nothing to worry about because the clean-install-Windows is such an easy process. So, no need for you to ponder all the time the question - how do I perform a clean installation of Windows?

These are the easy tips on how to go through clean install Windows:

1. Clean-install-Windows means removing the existing Operating System (OS) in the computer and replace it with new one. This will give sort of "refreshment" to the computer. A newly installed OS (such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux) will clean the computer.

2. You should also take note that while re-installing a new OS, the existing primary hard drive still has blemishes of the old OS. In order to have a complete clean-install-Windows procedure, you should wipe-out the hard drive with the newly installed OS. Yes, even the hard drive should start anew.

3. Having a clean install Windows means that all the existing files in your old OS will be deleted. In this case, it is highly recommended to back-up your files in an external hard disk or CD. This is very important because once you do the reformatting, the deletion of files is irreversible. There were cases before that people did not have idea that all their files will be deleted once they reformat their computer with a new OS. They were not able to retrieve their old files.

4. Make sure that your OS installer is functional. In order to have a clean install Windows, make sure that you have always with you the product key. This is to ensure a complete smooth installation process. These are just simple steps on how to conduct a clean-install-Windows procedure. If you just have the necessary materials such as installers and back-up gadgets, you will likely to have a successful clean-install-Windows process.

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