How To Reinstall Windows

The basic steps how to reinstall windows. In this digital age, it is only proper to know the basic steps on how to reinstall PC Windows.

It cannot be prevented that sometimes computers crashed and that there is no choice left but to reinstall the Windows. Windows, being the widely used computer operating system, is not that complicated to reinstall.

The following are the basic ways how to reinstall Windows:

- First, there should be the installer of the Microsoft Windows one is using. Usually, the installer, which is in a CD form, is included in the package of the whole computer when bought.

- With CD at hand, insert it at the CD drive of the PC. Reboot the PC and follow the instructions prompted by the Windows installer. The questions and instructions are easy to understand.

Looking into this, the basic ways how to reinstall PC Windows is not that complicated. In fact, computer users will just follow the instructions given by the installation CD. When one is really not that confident on his/her skills on how- to reinstall Windows, it is best to seek the expertise of computer engineers.

Get someone who has the profound knowledge in installing or reinstalling OS such as Windows. Meanwhile, it helps a lot to know the reasons why the computer crashed or why Windows need to be reinstalled. Most of these cases were prompted by virus attacks.

There are errors in the hard disk and the computer's memory because it got infected with viruses which were got most of the time from online. Knowing the causes why the computer bugged down will help in finding the accurate solutions for troubleshooting.

With the demand of computer usage and the threats of virus attacks, it is advisable that all Windows users and not should know how to reinstall PC type Windows. It helps to have such knowledge.

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