Top 10 Best Free Computer Backup Software

The amazing free Computer backup software reviews. It is important for every computer user to create a backup for their data and information.

There are quite a lot of threats that might compromise the files and documents in the computer including attack by viruses as well as crashing of the hard disk. Fortunately, there are quite a number of computer storage backup software applications in the market that users can select from.

The top ten applications include:

  • Cobian backup- users can schedule the back up files from different locations. The data can backed up on an FTP server or network computer. Users can not only compress but also encrypt their files.
  • Comodo- useful for backing up files anywhere on the network, computer and FTP. Apart from supporting DVD and CD burning, it synchronizes the schedule and sends notification about the status of the backup.
  • Bonkey- useful for both Mac and Windows users, and can be used for most storage devices, especially Amazon S3 Service. It supports scheduling, encryption, compression and backs up SQL database.
  • FBackup- with the help of a wizard, users will be able to know where and when to backup. Allows use of passwords and backs up files in use.
  • Jaback- automates the back up of files and folders, which are stored in zip format. Backs up when folders are changed.
  • Microsoft SyncToy- backs up and synchronizes files in different folders, and creates an extra backup for redundancy.
  • Areca Back up- supports good encryption, filtering and compression, and uses command line interface.
  • Ace Back up- a commercial application that is free of charge. It allows for remote and local back up with encryption at different levels.
  • SyncBack SE- comes with free and paid version, and allows users to backup and synchronize files in various locations.
  • Vista Backup Mill- allows users to save their files faster without any interruptions, and can save the data in multiple locations.

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