Top 5 Free Best Computer Software Testing Tool

Computer software testing is mainly aimed at making sure the software product in the computer meets the set goals. For instance, if software product has been designed for viewing pictures in a computer, it should do the tasks well e.g. opening a file containing the pictures, loading the pictures etc.

Computer software testing can either be done manually or in an automated manner regardless of which type of window you have. If the memory of your computer fails, there is no possibility for you to repair it. All you are required to do is to make complete replacements.

  • Memtest86 is one of the top 5 free best computer testing software. It is extremely easy to use especially if you want to test your memory. You can download this software freely from the internet and save it in a disc to be used later on.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic: This is also another free computer testing software tool that is made available by Microsoft. This software helps in performing a series of extensive tests in order to make determinations if anything is wrong with your computer software. It automatically begins to test the memory of your computer and will continue until you stop them.
  • Memtest86+: This is more updated as compared to Memtest86. It is completely free of charge and you can simply use it if you need a second opinion that in the best of your interests.
  • M2K Memscope: This is yet one of the best computer testing software that can be downloaded freely and used to test your computer memory. Regardless of whether your computer has a small issue when it comes to memory, this program attempts to locate them.
  • DocMemory Memory Diagnostic: Lastly, we have docmemory memory diagnostic that you can use in testing your computer's memory. However, you need to have a bootable floppy disk in order to make this possible.

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