Fitting CPU Paste

Easy steps to fitting CPU paste on the motherboard. The Central Processing Unit or CPU of your computer is the brain of the computer and therefore very delicate and easy to damage.

Knowing how to install it will save you a lot of trouble. Pasting the CPU involves using a thermal paste and a heat sink. Steps 1 and 2 involve installing the motherboard while steps 3 to 5 involve installing the motherboard to the computer case.

Steps In Fitting CPU Paste

Step 1

Unscrew your computers case, remove the cover and identify the mother board, processor chip, RAM memory card and video card. To install a CPU, Locate the processor socket by looking closely at the pin pattern of your socket. The socket may be triangular. Comparing the alignment of the pins follow the pattern and proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Insert the CPU into the socket following the diagonal pin pattern. Following the delicate procedure, press down the resistance point and slide the CPU smoothly into the socket. Follow the given documentation to connect with the cooling solution.

Step 3

Apply the Thermal Compound if need be. Using the thermal paste apply a little of it to areas of the CPU and gently spread forward evenly to cover the CPU. To spread the paste evenly, cover your finger with a new clean plastic bag to prevent contaminating the paste.

Step 4

Install the heat sink by attaching the fan if available and mounting the heat sink to the CPU. Directions differ with the given items. Some will have installed heat sinks. Care should be taken at this stage since a slip of a screw driver can cause allot damage to the motherboard.

Step 5

Connect the power leads from heat sink to proper heads on the motherboard. Follow by plugging the power cable from heat sink into the fan header on the motherboard.

Step 6

Confirm the BIOS which will detect the type and speed of the computer processor that has been installed. nProcedures are different with computers and makes. The total time spent may be between 10 to 15 minutes and a screwdriver and plastic bag may be required. Install the motherboard first before placing it into the computer case.

The thermal paste usually works as a conductor. If the computer does not turn on after these steps, you may have misplaced your motherboard or fastened your processor incorrectly. With patience, you can start over again step by step.

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