How to Fix a Short Circuit Laptop Psu

How to fix a short circuit laptop psu tips & tricks guide. A short circuit in a laptop is a clear indication that there is a low resistance connection between electrical nodes. Basically, when a laptop short circuit occurs, it is vital to check it because there could be a problem inside it and it mostly occurs if there is improper connection.

The good thing is there is always a way to fix a short circuit laptop Psu. Check the systems power supply by plugging it onto another power outlet. You will also need to unplug the laptop so as to open it and incase there is any dust on the laptop, get rid of it by blowing it off. When fixing the system, check whether there is any loose part. All parts should be well connected.

Guidelines on How to Fix a Short Circuit Laptop Psu

If there is any missing pin, ensure to fix it. This is attributed to the fact that any electrical, physical or other damages can cause a short circuit in a laptop. Measure the resistance between the sides of power being transferred into a short circuit using an ohm-meter or a multimeter.

This step is essential because you will be able to notice any missing pin or power pins going back to the laptop. It is vital to consider the two pins that will be applied by AC adapter. Remove anything that may be a short circuit as well as the battery, DVD, hard drive, USB devices and mini PCU and check if the system works.

Incase spills caused a short circuit, clear off the spill immediately. Basically, a short circuit that occurs as a result of wet liquid will go away after the liquid evaporates. Dried liquid residue, corrosion and electronic component short circuits means that you have to turn off the laptop, turn it upside down and remove the battery. Let the laptop dry overnight. You can also remove components such as the keyboard and clean it to fix the short circuit completely.

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