PC Power Supply Tester

It is your responsibility by using PC power supply tester to make sure that your computer system is working proper. Routine check up of your computer system is very crucial to avoid sudden system break down or and damage of any kind.

There is one area that people overlook when carrying out their Routine check up of your computer system. This is the power supply cables. The far we go in this is to check whether the cables are well connected to the main power supply and the emergency power supply battery.

Using PC Power Supply Tester For Power Cables

When checking for proper power supply connection you need to go further than that. You need to check the power supply cables and how good they are. Being alternating current, power surges are common and might harm your system.

To avoid being electrocuted or power surges that might damage your computer system, you need an amazing PC power tester to check your power connectors. This way you and your system will be safe from data loss and being electrocuted.

Using power tester is very simple but one precaution should always be taken into account. You should always make sure you are well protected from shocks or being electrocuted when working around the electricity supply.

First before every thing else boot your computer. Ensure that you disconnect power supply from your computer system. Open your computer back casing while wearing gloves to act insulator against minor electricity shocks.

Because there might be some electricity running through the system thought the power supply is disconnected, you have to disconnect the network of power connections linking to various components in your computer system.

Then you need to switch on your amazing power supply tester in readiness for testing. This will automatically activate the LCD display. There are several ways of reading the levels of power supply in your computer system.

Your mother board is healthy when the readings posted are within + 3.3 VDC to -12 VDC. If the LCD screen fails to light at all or posts letters LL or HH, then this means your power supply is malfunctioning and you need to look for an alternative.

You need to counter check these readings with power supply voltage. Tolerances to verify that the power supply reading from your amazing power supply tester are within the required standards. You can now test individual connectors to get the power supply voltages.

For a well functioning power system then the posting should range anywhere from 3.3 V to 12 V on the voltage scale. After you making sure that the power supply is proper or need replacement, you can disconnect the connectors from your amazing power supply tester and reconnect the connectors back in place. You can connect back the power supply and use your PC.

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