Socket 462 Motherboard

Socket 462 motherboard is a PGA product that is designed to be used in AMD K7 processors' family. It can be used with Duron and Athlon processors with a speed ranging between 600MHz- 2200MHz. These could have bus frequencies ranging between 100 MHz - 200MHz. It can also be used with AMD Geode NX processors.

While you may fit a wide range of socket 462 processors in your motherboard, it is important to note that the board may not support all the processors. As such, you will have to determine the processor that will be supported by the board in case you want to upgrade the motherboard. To do this, you will have to consider certain factors.

Socket 462 Motherboard Guideline

  • Consider the motherboard manufacturer Motherboard model: Information on this can be found on website of the manufacturer.

Socket 462 PC motherboard has the following specifications;

  • It supports CPUs of specific type. This is because connectors and room for models of processors have to be specific to each motherboard.

  • Socket 462 PC motherboard has a data rate that is double, 100, 166, 133 and 200MHz on the front side.

  • It has a zero force grid array for pin insertion. This type has 453 pins with nine of them blocked to prevent any accidental insertion.

Socket 462 PC motherboard is also called socket A and has evolved from 100 MHz in its initial launch to 200MHz FBS.

All along, it has maintained its pin compatibility. However, compatibility between the older chips and modern processors is limited by timing, voltage, voltage and clock differences. Socket 462 PC motherboard processors have a small load limits as compared to other processors such as socket 478.

This leads to the cracking of the processors as one try to attach or remove heatsinks for fragile processors. This makes installation of non-certified solution of heatsinks a risky business.

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