Socket 939 Motherboard

Looking for Socket 939 motherboard? The Motherboard is very crucial when building a computer. This is why it is very important to ensure that you choose a motherboard that supports your computer and is compatible with features of other computer components.

The socket 939 PC motherboard you purchase will also determine the processor you purchase in case you are upgrading your computer. As such, you need to know various things before purchasing a motherboard.

Important to know:

    The Processor: You need to be sure that the motherboard you purchase is compatible with the processor. Dual core: Not all motherboards support dual core processors. Therefore, check this before purchasing.

These are the factors to consider while building your own computer. Other considerations of the motherboard specifications may be necessitated by the kind of a computer you want.

Socket 939 PC motherboard has been available since 2004. It is a socket for CPU that was released by AMD to supersede socket 735. It was also succeeded later by Socket AM2 in 2006. It has various specifications just like any other motherboard.

Socket 939 Motherboard Specifications

    It supports the memory of DDR SDRAM with memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB. It also supports SSE2, 3D and SSE3

    It comes with a hyper transport link with a width of 16 bit and can run 2000MT/s. It is available with both PCI-Ex 16 and AGP slots for video expansion.

  • Processors that use socket 939 PC motherboard have 64 KB with each having data caches and instruction level 1. They can also have 1MB, 512 KB or 256KB level 2 cache.

There has also been a socket 939 PC motherboard released by ASRock that utilizes chipset of AMD 785and a southridge of SB710. When buying socket 939 PC motherboard, you need to know whether it supports dual core processors or not. There should be no room for guesswork.

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