Socket 370 Motherboard

Socket 370 motherboard review for custom computer builders or upgraders guide. Motherboards are very important in your computer system. However, choosing a motherboard can be challenging as there are many and different specifications that can be confusing.

As such, you need to know what to look at in order to know exactly what to look for while using socket 370 PC motherboard for custom building your computer.

Socket 370 Motherboard Guide

  • You need to know that all components in your computer system connect to the motherboard. This implies that you need to decide the type of a computer you want before choosing the motherboard. Thus, you must choose a motherboard that is compatible with other components.

  • You should also choose a CPU that is supported by socket 370 PC motherboard. In most cases, you start by buying a motherboard then the CPU. However, it is important to realize that CPU differs in price and speed. You will have to incur more cost if you want a fast CPU. Nevertheless, it is easy to get an affordable computer with a minimum socket 370 PC motherboard.
  • Consider memory.SD RAM is an affordable memory. It is the memory that is found in socket 370 Pentium III motherboards. It is the most recommendable memory for persons who want to build affordable computers.

When custom building a computer, it is important to know that making the right choice of a motherboard is very crucial. You need to know the exact model of a motherboard you use because it determines the processor you use. Socket 370 has two clipped corners that are currently redundant.

Basically, socket 370 is a PGA socket that is designed to function properly with Pentium III and Celeron processors in the package of Pin Grid Array. Distinguishing different versions of socket 370 is not easy. However, you can identify them with the help of a computer technician.

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