The Best Features Of Internet Explorer 9

The Best Features Of Internet Explorer 9 tips and tricks guide. Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by giant software and Operating System developer Microsoft.

The latest version of this browser is the Internet Explorer 9 that has been released with extra features that its predecessor did not have. These features have made the new browser far more efficient and smooth. They include:

Step by Step Guideline for The Best Features Of Internet Explorer 9

1. Speed - Many people stated the main reason for not using Internet Explorer before as its slow speed. Well, that is now a thing of the past as the new browser can comfortably rival others in terms of speed.

2. Privacy - Unlike other versions that had no option to block tracking, the new version has a feature that can stop or initiate tracking as is preferred by the user. Users are now able to determine the kind of content to be blocked as well as view all the content that has already been blocked.

3. More friendly notification style - Another major drawback that hindered the use of Internet Explorer were the frequent and nagging notifications. The notifications will now be popping up at the bottom. If a notification pops and remains for some time it automatically closes.

4. Tabs feature - Unlike previous versions, Internet Explorer 9 can now open addresses in different tabs, on the same window. This is a more efficient method of utilizing the space on the screen. In fact, now the interface of the browser is more clean and appealing than before when you had to open many windows.

5. History - The new Internet Explorer browser can now retrieve browsing history. Therefore, if the administrator wants to know what someone was browsing on, he or she can do it comfortably. Moreover, there is an option for re-opening a closed tab, which comes in handy if you close a tab by mistake.

6. Caret browsing - This is a feature that allows users to retrieve web pages in the form of Microsoft Word or Excel pages.

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