How to Stop Uncontrollable Pop Ups

Uncontrollable software pop up windows, simply referred to as uncontrollable pop ups, are separate advertisement windows that keep appearing when you visit a number of websites.

Many of these will claim you have won some lottery you never even participated in or you have a message from a source you aren't even familiar with.

These windows do nothing but hike your internet bills and prevent you from viewing the actual information you are interested in.

This is many ways to stop these stop these uncontrollable computer system pop ups have been devised, depending on the type of pop-up and the browser you are using.

Stopping Uncontrollable Pop Ups in Firefox

Firefox gives you adequate control over these pop-ups as you browse. To set your pop-up preferences:

  • Click on the 'Tools' menu on the menu bar.
  • Select 'Options' and click on 'Content' tab on the options window.
  • Stop uncontrollable pop-ups by clicking on the 'Block pop-up' button.

You can provide exemptions by pasting the addresses of the permitted sites on the relevant field.

Stopping Pop-Ups In Internet Explorer

To change the pop-ups settings on this Windows browser, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the 'Tools' option on the menu bar.
  • Point to 'Pop-Up Blocker' and click on 'Blocker Settings'.
  • Set the blocking level to high.

You can make a list of websites that you can allow to display pop-ups by specifying their URL addresses in the required field.

Google Chrome on the other hand automatically prevents uncontrollable software pop ups from appearing on your screen.

You can however change these settings by clicking on the 'Wrench' menu on the window's top right corner. With this guide on how to stop uncontrollable software pop ups from appearing, you shouldn't have any trouble from time-wasting ads any time you need to browse.

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