Internet Explorer 8

This version of internet explorer 8 is a browser of its kind. Being the last version of internet explorer to be supported by Windows XP, Internet Explorer browser 8 is the first Internet explorer to pass Acid Test 2 according to Microsoft.

This version of Internet Explorer is the world's most popular browser having been built from the ground to improve IT Network management and deployment. Below are some of the ways the Internet browser Explorer 8 enhances fast and easier web browsing:

Tips Guidelines for Internet Explorer 8

  • It has a Smart Address Bar, which makes it easy for users to locate the addresses of the sites that they wish to visit.

The browser locates the sites by matching the addresses typed by the user on the address bar, with titles in its history and favorites without repetitions.

  • The Internet browser explorer 8 also enables you to reopen your last browsing sessions, which might have occurred accidentally or due to computer crash in the current session.

You can be able to easily restore what you were working on earlier within the shortest time rather than having to begin a new search.

  • Enhanced Find On page: This functionality is to improve the way users search for text on web pages.

It appears as a tool bar whose activation is by either pressing Control-F or picking on the Find On Page from the edit menu and it appears just beneath the user's tab so that it does not obscure any texts on the page. It also shows the number of places the search text appears on the page. This functionality also enhances result highlighting.

  • It also has Tab Groups that allows users to be able to easily and quickly discern those tabs which contain related content.

Whenever you click on a link within one tab, the other one also shows up in case they have the same content, the new one is placed right next to the original one and they are both marked with same the color.

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