What is RAM?

What is RAM? In order to fully appreciate the beauty of computer technology, it is better to understand first what is PC RAM. RAM is also known as the Random Access Memory. It is one of the most important parts of the computer system.

Without RAM, the computer will not function. The computer's operating system (OS) is stored inside the RAM. Many people might be wondering what- is RAM and what it does to the computer. Just the fact that it is where the computer's OS can be found, it means that the RAM plays a significant role in the entire computer system.

OS can either be Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 or it can also be Linux. Aside from the OS, other computer applications are also stored in the RAM. Application programs include Microsoft Office, Adobe programs, games, multi-media programs, etc.

All of these and more are found in the RAM. Hence, it is very important to know what is PC RAM in the computer system. It is repository of all the programs in the computer. Found in the RAM are the data and files currently used by the computer user.

This makes the retrieval of these files very easy. Knowing what is a RAM and its importance, it is only wiser to have a high-power RAM in the computer. Aside that it gives space for more programs and files, the processing is also faster.

A wider RAM makes the computer functions faster. In other words, the computer does not hang. Along this line, computers should be well taken good care with. Its looks and exteriors are not the only ones to be given utmost attention.

Computer users should handle the interior part of the computer properly. It is where the life of the computer is found. To start with taking good care of the interiors, one should find a higher capacity of RAM, if not update it. This will make the computer more reliable and durable.

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