Disable Taskbar Button Grouping Steps Guide

Disable taskbar button grouping is a task that not so many people have been able to successfully carryout. In fact, it is one of the tasks that so many people have often experienced difficulties in with their Windows 7 machines.

In case you have undergone this kind of experience, keep reading! Before you look into how you can disable taskbar button grouping, it is advisable that you begin by knowing what Taskbar button grouping refers to.

In most occasions, it happens that the taskbar in your computer becomes crowded with buttons whenever you are working with a variety of programs at a given time. As a result of this reason, Windows offers a feature that can be able to assist you in the management of a large number of open documents and even program items.

This feature is what is referred to as Taskbar button Grouping. This feature operates in two different ways. One of the ways it works is that it displays all the taskbar buttons for those documents that are opened by a given program in the same area.

This makes it easy for you to get the documents. The other way in which the features works is that in case you have opened a variety of documents using different programs, Windows is able to combine all those documents into a taskbar button that bears the label of the program. It is from this one button that you are able to gain access to all the documents that you are working on.

Tasbar button grouping is among the interface changes in Windows 7 that are very significant when compared to the Windows Vista and even the other editions of the Operating system that have been released so far. Even though there are certain people who are pleased with the changes, there are others who prefer to use the classic type.

How To Disable Taskbar Button Grouping

In case you are not interested in the taskbar button grouping, you are able to permanently disable it. The process can take about 5 minutes or even less. However, it can only be so in case you rely on this guide in every step. Below is a detailed guide on the steps through which you can disable Taskbar button grouping:

  • Begin the task by right clicking on the Task Bar. In case you don't know where to find the task bar, look on the bottom of the screen where it usually appears. It is where the start button usually appears. Towards the right side of the Taskbar, you are also able to see the clock.
  • After clicking the Taskbar, there is a menu that will show up. The next thing that you should do immediately the menu shows up is to click on 'Properties.'
  • By clicking on the 'Properties', you will be able to see some of the available appearance options to choose from. All you are required to do at this stage is to find the Taskbar appearance option that suits your needs. In order to disable Tasbar Button Grouping, uncheck the checkbox that reads 'Group Similar Taskbar Buttons.'
  • In order to complete the task, click the button labeled 'OK' or 'Apply.' In case there are other instructions or directions that you have been prompted to follow, do not ignore them since it is through them that you are able to successfully complete the task.

Whenever you disable Taslbar button grouping, you will be able immediately notice the changes on your screen. The small graphic that shows that the Taskbar button grouping feature is active will change to indicate the difference.

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