Criteria for Installing a PCI Adapter Card

The process of installing a PCI adapter card is quite complex especially for a beginner. This complexity is always attributed to a number of considerations that you have to make before you install your PCI adapter card.

For starters, a PCI adapter card is normally installed in a computer's operating system. Before you start to install your card, it is important to consider the type of management console managing your system.

This is extremely important since it determines the method you will use installing a PCI card adapter. There are two major types of management consoles managing different computer systems. These include the HMC (hardware management console) and SDMC (systems director management console).

If your computer system uses the HMC, then you need to use the HMC to install your PCI adapter card. And if the system is managed by the SDMC, then you have to install the card using the SDMC. Another notable point about installing a PCI card adapter is the need to consider the type of PCI adapter card you intend to install in your system.

There are two common types of PCI adapter cards including the PCI-X twin-wide and quad-channel 320 SCSI raid controller. Installing these cards will require you to take away the lower, right altercation from among both faces of your adapter prior to installing them in your system unit.

It is also important for you to understand that replacing these types of cards will require you to understand the simultaneous maintenance procedure. Fortunately, there are numerous sources of information that can provide you with important details on how to maintain the system.

Nevertheless, there are certain important criteria that you need to follow when installing a PCI adapter card in your system. This guide will make the entire process less complex and fun.

Procedure of Installing a PCI Adapter Card

For starters, before you begin any work of installing a PCI adapter card you need to ensure that all power switches are off. You should shutdown the system from the OP to avoid any circuit shortages.

Once the system is completely off, flip the button behind the computer's energy supply and take out the AC power cable. Once you have safely removed the AC power cable, proceed to open your computer cover.

Opening a computer case is not difficult but at times it can prove to be difficult especially for the starters. Many new computers use a side panel, making it easier for you to install the PCI adapter card.

There are some that use the door. The older models of computers require you to open the entire cover. Remove the screws fastening the cover and store them safely. Once you have safely removed the cover, determine the slot inside the system that is appropriate for the installation of a PCI adapter card.

Make sure to choose the right slot because it will play a major role in determining the effectiveness of your card. You can seek assistance from a qualified computer expert in choosing the best slot for installing a PCI adapter card.

Once you have effectively identified the best slot for your card, safely remove its cover from the container. Most boxes come with an interior slot wrap that requires being unfastened from the box.

However, the latest computer models come with better boxes that can easily be snapped into the opening. Make sure that the PCI adapter card is properly positioned directly above the connector.

Push it down gently until it has slide into the connector. You can then fasten it to the system's case. Once the PCI adapter card is right in place, put the cover on and put your computer on. This is an important procedure that can help you in installing a PCI adapter card more easily.

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