PC Case Light

Every computer case requires PC case light so that one is able to view the computer components clearly and in their different colors lighting.

Good quality fluorescent lights are commonly used because they clearly show the computer's interior. These lights usually provide light that is brighter than the electro luminescent wiring. However, installing these lights can be done by any individual as long as they follow some steps.

Installing Internal PC Case Light Steps

First of all, one should turn the computer off and completely disconnect the power cable. After that, one should unpack the lighting kit and read through the instructions on the manual in order to know the function of each part.

One should then open the case of the computer and remove the side panel. Thereafter, one should figure out and decide where they would want the light tubes to be. They can then carry out a test-fit of the tubes by lightly placing them where they are required to be mounted.

One should then measure and make sure there is clearance for the power inverter, wiring and light tubes. The computer case should still be able to close even after the installation.

The next step is to install an optional switch which is provided in the kit if one wants it. The switch could either be one that requires drilling or cutting so as to mount a switch or the cut-slot version.

One can then mount the light tubes using zip straps and they can be put in place with the help of a tape. The inverter should then be connected to a 4-pin, 12-volt molex connector from the power supply of the computer.

The voltage inverter should then be inverted anywhere it is convenient with velcro or a tape that's double sided. In order for one to make sure of adhesion, they should firmly press the inverter into place.

Finally, one should replace the side panel which closes the case of the computer. The power cable should then be connected and booted up. However, in case the optional switch was installed, one should make sure it is turned on.

Although the installation process may prove to be easy, one should ensure they take precaution. For example, one should completely avoid touching the output wires so as not to get an electric shock. Also, nobody should never try to make wires longer if they aren't using a wire of high voltage and an inverter should be powered when it isn't loaded.

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